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First Bleed Ceremony

A Celebration Marking a Young Maiden's First Bleed

  • 30 minutes
  • Consultation Call
  • Online or in Person Session

Service Description

This ceremony blesses the way for young maidens as they transition into womanhood. We celebrate her, and support her with resources and information on how to care for herself during her bleed-time, we will answer her questions, and share stories about menstruation. We will talk about the different menstrual phases or inner seasons, discuss different self care practices, and suggested dietary guidelines which can help to empower her, lift her up, and help her to feel confident, supported and held. Schedule a phone/video consultation to discuss planning and the processes for this sacred event to invigorate and empower the maiden in your life as she moves into this next chapter in her life. Starting at $560 Additional costs will be determined by amount of attendees exceeding 10 participants, location of services, and whether it will be virtual or in person. Contact Michelle for more details or to book directly: 917-715-6598 (Call or Text)

Contact Details


Santa Fe, NM, USA

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