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Plant Based Cosmetics


Aligning with your body's natural rhythms and paying attention the signs of its innate wisdom allows you to connect deeply with your personal needs on a physical level as well as on emotional and energetic levels. Those who feel in tune with their body's cycles experience a heightened sense of empowerment, confidence, intuition, self acceptance, peace, energy & productivity. When you know how to tend to your needs and how to care for yourself, you become more sympathetic to your own needs. It allows you to take empowered action towards your health, comfort and wellbeing.

This class is intended to give you the tools and information you need to know to encourage decisions that will support your body throughout the month as it goes through its natural changes for a more optimal menstrual cycle experience.

We will be breaking down each phase of the cycle and its corresponding season in easily digestible content so that you can learn to utilize each phase's strengths to optimize your lifestyle. 

For example, we will go over what type of exercise is best for each phase, as well as what types of foods are ideal for your body as your body moves through each phase, when it is ideal to rest and retreat, and when it is optimal to move into planning, action, and creative pursuits. 

As always, you'll get to meet incredible humans who are also drawn to the class, and be a part of the Wildflow'r community of kindred spirits.

If you're interested in joining the next class, click the contact button below for more information and to be added to the waitlist.


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