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An intimate gathering focused on the Menstrual cycle and the importance of self-care during this time.

Join us as we go through some light movements to release those familiar muscles that tend to tense up or feel sore during our periods and the days leading up to it.


We will practice mindfulness through breath-work, easing our minds so our bodies can come to a full rest, therefore allowing it the undivided attention to focus on the uterus and the cleanse that is happening at this time.

We'll talk about and sip on some herbal allies that can help the process towards a more efficient uterine cleanse. 

A nourishing meal will be served to cater to the nutritional content our bodies crave during our bleed, to replenish and restore from the inside out. 

Join us as we discuss the different self-care tools to help us strive toward a more comfortable period that we can look forward to.

If you are interested in joining one of our menstrual circles please feel free to contact me below for more information and to be added to a wait list for the next circle. 

Image by Becca Tapert